Giveaway Birthday 🎂

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It's my birthday and coincidentally, Black Friday.

Historically, in the United States, this is when capitalism goes wild and all businesses have blowout sales. But that doesn't matter because the retail apocalypse is here and we shop online anyway.

Historically, for my birthday, everyone has been broke, unavailable for reasons like traveling or spending time with family, sleepy, it's too cold outside, the excuses are endless during my birthday season, thanks to all that turkey and spending. For these reasons, I have resented my birthday for many years. I used to wish that I were born in the summer or on Halloween, seasons where partying were more sustainable.

I have since calmed all the way down.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a sag ♐, but every time I’ve tried to plan something it just does not happen. This year I’ve decided that this is 💯 OK.

I was focusing on the wrong things during my birthday, things that do not matter. What matters most is internal, not external. This year I’m focusing on a better way to celebrate.

I'm hosting a giveaway.

That’s right, imagine, receiving instead of spending on Black Friday!

There are some rules involved so here it goes:

  1. Follow me on IG if you aren’t already @directedbyleo

  2. Like (if likes are still a thing) and tag 2 people that might be interested in this giveaway in the comments of this photo.

  3. If you're not already signed up to my mailing list, you should be because thats rule #3 hit me up if you’re having trouble with that

  4. Complete this quiz if you are a filmmaker or interested in filmmaking

  5. And or complete this quiz if you are a photographer or interested in photography

After completing the 5 wonders listed above, your name will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $100 gift card. The winner will be announced on Christmas 🎁🎄 via newsletter.

Go forth! and shout out to you if you caught that AHS reference 💕

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