Letter to Chewy ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ‰๐Ÿ‘…

By Leomary Rodriguez

My sweet boy. Your came into my life when you were 7 years old and I was at a very low point. I had just finished college and was unemployed, my grandmother had recently passed after a 2 year long health battle. I felt unworthy at the time, in more ways than one.

Your first day with us, you smelled every corner of the apartment. Some of us wanted you in the home more than others. Initially you were supposed to be my brother's dog, but as luck would have it you chose me to be your familiar. I was at home a lot and frankly I was slightly scared of animals and their unpredictability. I was also scared of this new responsibility. But you changed that one day when I was taking a nap. You were on my bed and laid your head on my palm. I woke up to your sweet face and from then I knew my love for you would be boundless. I protected you ever since.

You went through everything with me, loyally, lovingly and unconditionally. My first major break up, first job, first resignation and the transition from living with my parents to living with my partner.

It didn't take long for you to see a familiar in Gio too.

As the years passed, your personality got bigger, funnier and unique. From you I learned to just BE and the right people will love you. You taught me the importance of being in nature and nurturing it too; earth gives back 100000X when you treat her and her creatures right.

You taught me to be aware, empathetic and to stop and smell the roses. You taught me the importance of health and the responsibility of taking care of someone other than myself.

You loved:

Getting stuck on muse traps, with the mouse

Barking at things that were not there with the intent to distract us and snatch food from our plates

Chasing big white dogs in the park

Gio's music



Floral prints

and my attention.

You hated:

The smell of burning sage


Getting your teeth brushed

Anyone that wore a baseball cap



The sound of high fives

and anything that would put me in danger.

Each day I looked forward to coming home, seeing you run though the door greeting me with a happy tail and looking for your favorite toys. Whatever stress I thought I had, stayed in the doorway. You were like velcro, my shadow, always by my side.

All of these things I learned, without the ability to exchange words.

You passed away on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 and nothing has been the same since. I was strangely prepared, asking the sky, is today really the day? I thought I had more time. I thought you would bounce back. You passed in our arms, quickly and surrounded by love. A full 15 years of life, I am proud to say that I did the best for you, gave you a full life and ticked off everything on our bucket list.

Baby boy I will never forget you, the cuddles we shared, the billions kisses and nicknames we all gave you (stinki winki, cimichewy, palunkilunki, cunkilunki, kiwi, binki, chunki monki, goober, gooby, boonki, boobi... the list goes on, it truly does).

The way you stole the show during each of my photo shoots. You stole my heart and the hearts of many. Even those that have never met you, love you dearly. I am lucky to see you everywhere I go as I feel your eternal protection. You are beloved and I hope you're having the MOST fun across the rainbow bridge, STILL being mommy's good boy.

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