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Recess Studios | NIKE NYC

- Founder,  Drip Sweat

- Founder,  Antevasin NYC

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Client: Recess Studios tasked me with the Creative Direction of a Nike campaign celebrating wellness influencers and entrepreneurs in NYC.

Project: This initiative comprised two main components. The first centered on showcasing Janice, the enterprising owner of Drip Studios & Juice Bar in Washington Heights, encapsulating her influence and the establishment's community role. The second component highlighted Maga, the founder of Antevasin, a NY-based organization specializing in bilingual wellness events and retreats. Our objective was to illuminate the unique narratives of these wellness leaders, emphasizing their impact on diverse communities in NYC.

Scope of Work: As the Creative Director, I led a dual-faceted approach. With Recess Studios, we delved deep into the ethos and narratives of both Janice and Maga. For Janice's campaign, we focused on the dynamic energy of Drip Sweat Studios, aligning it with Nike's brand values. For Maga's story, I developed a video treatment and mood board that captured the essence of Antevasin's mission to uplift the spiritual and mental well-being of Latinas. This involved crafting detailed briefs and treatments for both subjects and guiding the creative teams in video and photography to ensure a cohesive and culturally sensitive portrayal.

Results: This dual campaign underscored my versatility in handling diverse narratives within high-pressure environments, adhering to tight deadlines with a leading global brand. My ability to manage complex marketing workflows shone, particularly in creating content that resonated deeply with distinct audience segments. The passion for storytelling was a common thread, as I successfully blended diverse elements into coherent, captivating narratives for both Janice and Maga, showcasing their unique contributions to wellness and community empowerment.


Client: Soul Flight Travel's mission is to inspire people to travel deeper. Offering travel experiences encompassing self-discovery, cultural immersion, adventure, relaxation, and everything in between—essentially, moments that make one feel truly alive.

Project: The aim was to curate a versatile visual library, including photos and videos from a recent Costa Rica expedition organized by the agency. The project's objectives included crafting business mission videos, capturing testimonials, and producing a compelling recap video. These assets are intended to enhance the brand's online presence and facilitate B2B engagements.

Scope of Work: My role involved developing the brand's narrative, planning the shoots with detailed shot lists and treatments, and directing on-site activities in Costa Rica with a team of skilled videographers. The four-month project spanned the entire production spectrum, from the initial concept to the final edits, working in close partnership with the founder of Soul Flight and coordinating with video production teams.

Results: The successful completion of this project highlights my capacity to lead collaborative efforts with teams and business partners effectively. It underscored my adeptness in pre-production planning, coordinating with vendors, and managing post-production teams. The delivered content successfully captured the essence of Soul Flight Travel's brand, engaging the intended audience and fulfilling the project's promotional goals.



Client: The client was the Better Food Foundation, renowned for its Flipit platform, which promotes plant-based diets and environmental sustainability.

Project: The project involved producing a video feature for the Flipit platform, focusing on an herb walk led by LoriKim Alexander from The Cypher, an organization committed to sharing plant-based ancestral knowledge. Further details on this initiative can be found at Flipit's website.

Scope of Work: My responsibilities encompassed various aspects of the production process. Working alongside Zoe Goldberg, VP of Marketing at the Better Food Foundation, I was instrumental in crafting interview questions and scripts. These were designed to deeply explore and effectively communicate the significance of LoriKim Alexander's herb walk.

During the pre-production phase, my focus was on the meticulous planning and organization necessary for a successful shoot. This involved coordinating with various departments and ensuring all logistical aspects were addressed.

On the day of the filming, my role primarily involved directing. This required a detailed oversight of the production, ensuring that every aspect, from the camera work to the sound and lighting, was aligned with our creative vision. Additionally, I was responsible for hiring a professional and competent crew, whose expertise was crucial in capturing the essence of the herb walk.

Results: The finished video effectively captured the educational and engaging elements of LoriKim Alexander's herb walk. It served as an excellent tool for the Better Food Foundation and Flipit platform, educating viewers on the importance of plant-based ancestral knowledge. My involvement in the project, from conception to the completion of filming, highlighted my ability to manage complex production elements and collaborate effectively with diverse teams to achieve a common creative goal.


Client: The client was ideas42, a research organization aiming to encourage local Bronx business owners to promote their locations as multi-purpose venues for Bronx residents.

Project: The project involved the creation of a promotional event video and biographical short-form videos. This required collaboration throughout the pre-production, shooting, and editing stages to ensure an effective and engaging final product.

Scope of Work: The work entailed conceptualizing the video's message and tone, planning the shoot and creating a shot list, operating the camera, lighting, and sound recording, and directing talent. In the post-production phase, I utilized video editing skills to finalize the product, collaborating with the team to review and revise the edit until it met our collective satisfaction.

Results: The completion of the promotional event video showcased my ability to collaborate effectively with a team. Additionally, it demonstrated my technical proficiency in the pre-production, shooting, and video editing stages. The final products effectively conveyed the intended message and captured the attention of the target audience.


Client: The client was the North Bronx Collective, a community organization focused on raising awareness about environmental racism and the importance of preserving nature in the Bronx area.

Project: The project was a short film titled "Unearthing Stories of Water," which showcased a procession from Inwood, Manhattan to Van Courtland Park in the Bronx. The film also includes sit-down interviews and teaser and interview videos for social media platforms.

Scope of Work: As the director of the project, my tasks encompassed pre-production of the shoot, directing three camera operators during the procession, producing and capturing the sit-down interviews, and editing the footage into a compelling short film. I was also responsible for editing, color correction, grading, and audio cleanup of both the teaser and interview videos for social media platforms.

Results: The project is currently in the editing stage for the main film. However, the teaser and the repurposed interview videos have already been completed, demonstrating high-quality audio-visual production and editing skills. These videos effectively encapsulate the essence of the event and the intended message, serving as compelling promotional materials for the short film.


Client: The client was GudFolx Radio, a podcast platform dedicated to amplifying LGBTQIA and non-binary voices and stories.

Project: The task was to produce a promotional video that encapsulates the essence and mission of GudFolx Radio.

Scope of Work: As the producer, my responsibilities included directing camera operators, capturing the ethos of the platform, and editing the captured footage. This involved color correction, grading, and audio clean-up to create a polished final product.

Results: The outcome was a promotional video that effectively showcased the unique and powerful narratives GudFolx Radio aims to highlight. The video effectively captured the platform's mission and was well-received by the client, adding value to their promotional efforts.


Client: The client was Crunchyroll's social media and communications team, a premier anime streaming service aiming to create engaging content for their target audience.

Project: The project involved creating a series of social media posts and videos featuring notable influencer Tony Weaver Jr. to resonate with a specific target audience.

Scope of Work: My responsibilities included collaborating with the Crunchyroll team and Tony Weaver Jr. to produce and edit engaging and authentic content. This process involved aligning with Crunchyroll's brand identity, utilizing Tony's expertise, and deeply understanding the needs and interests of the target audience.

Results: The series generated significant engagement and buzz, effectively reaching the target audience. This led to increased brand awareness and engagement for Crunchyroll, demonstrating the power of effective collaboration and audience-centric content creation.


Client: The client was Mariel Mejia, Founder of Pink Root Products, a natural skincare brand seeking additional funding from potential investors.

Project: The project involved creating an "About Me" video to effectively communicate the brand's values, mission, and story, featuring the founder's personal journey and the brand's commitment to natural and sustainable ingredients.

Scope of Work: My role was to collaborate with the Pink Root Products team to produce a compelling video. We carefully crafted the narrative to encapsulate the essence of the brand and its unique value proposition.

Results: The "About Me" video was highly successful, generating significant interest and engagement from potential investors. It effectively presented the brand's unique value, resulting in increased funding for the brand's growth and expansion. This project underscored the power of video content in conveying a brand's message to potential investors and customers.

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