My name is Leomary Rodriguez and my fascination with film and photography began early in life. My family came from the Dominican Republic to the United States and a friend gifted us a Canon film camera with lenses, flash and gel filters. At 4 years old, I was amazed at this machine's ability to freeze time in crisp detail.


I still am!

I attended the University at Buffalo and received a degree in Media Study with certification in Game Studies. 

Currently, I am the Content Acquisitions Coordinator at BronxNet Television where I have opportunity of attending film festivals, connecting with fellow filmmakers and providing them with amazing opportunities! 

I am also a Bronx based Photographer & Filmmaker. My photographs have been published in magazines globally. I can be found conducting webinars centered on photography and featured in platforms like Business Insider and the Mott Haven Herald discussing filmmaking and hobbies. 

Beauty & Fashion are my photography niche and I produce short form documentary videos for local organizations and creatives.

My philosophies are:


Organization will set you free.

Everything that comes from my hands must be beautiful.


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