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Directed By Us - Emily Sanchez

What are your pronouns?


Where are you from?

The Bronx

How do you express yourself artistically?

I express myself through various mediums but photography is the primary way of expressing myself artistically.

How do you build self-confidence?

Self-confidence has been a struggle for me most of my life. It's one of those things I believe has to be seeded in you at a young age otherwise it's difficult to cultivate for yourself. However, it isn't impossible just harder to obtain as I stated. I've been working on building my confidence artistically which then spills over to other areas in my life. So for example producing work, exhibiting in shows, and most recently being featured in an internationally published book has been a great source of confidence for me to tap into. I find that as I grow in my craft, the more I work and my skills improve. It makes me feel good and proud which helps build my self-confidence.

What brings you joy?

Art brings be joy. Nothing really brings me joy like a good piece of art work and that can be in any medium. Going to galleries and museums are truly my favorite things to do and brings me the upmost joy. It's the looking at a piece of work produced by someone for reasons unknown to you but have the power to move , transport, transform you in that moment. That's power, magic, it's pure joy.

How do you want to be remembered?

This is a really good question and not one that I have given too much thought to. Especially because we are consistently evolving so I'm not really sure. But I always do think about how my son will remember me, which I hope is as a woman who fought and did the best I knew how with what I had. And well, artistically I guess I wish to be remembered as an artist who found a safe haven through her photography and used it to heal. As an artist who told her story through her works in hopes that others could see themselves in them with love and dignity despite some of those stories being really difficult ones.

Where can we find you? @emily.sujay

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